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Genetic Expression? Labrador or poodle?

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We have just purchased a 7 week old Labradoodle. He is jet black. The father was a poodle, the mother a short legged labrador. Our question is most of the litter had curly coats, our Johnny Cash has a smooth coat and a very labrador appearence. Do some dogs just carry the labrador and little of the poodle traits. All the pictures show a very mixed look and poodle face. Do some just look more like labradors? He is very shy, and observant. Thanks for your advice!
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Hello Jack and welcome to forums. Im still learning about this breed but I do know that some labradoodles look a lot like labs and some like poodles.

Here are 2 pics of my dog Leno, he definately has the look of a lab!

Just click on the links! ... 0063uy.jpg ... 0033ma.jpg
Hello Jack, welcome and congratulations on getting a Labradoodle puppy!
You are right, some dogs take the traits from one side or the other and especially in F1 generations you will find very Labby puppeis and some grow into Labby adults while others get long, curly coats! You really won't know for sure.
I was just emailing Stacy, from this forum, about that. Her puppy was very much like a Lab initially, but now has a curly coat like a Poodle!
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