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Gene's new houseboat

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WOW SUE i didn't realize GENE traded his OLD houseboat in for an UPGRADE


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GENE!! you gave me YOUR WORD you wouldnt' tell anyone!
how could you :shock:

and who's that guy in my pool? cause it aint' dave!
SUE did you get a mortgage on it yet?
Cause you need this type of exit ......grass for cats and 2 exits
one for cats and one for Denver

hold on though...i think i found some better real estate for you
and YES mudhuts are OUT now
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NOW how can i top that GENE???
shhhhhhhh devious blonde mind at work now
GENE i heard you paid a pretty penny for this new vacation home
talk about a TIGHT budget!!! :shock:

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GENE that looks like a mexican stir crazy room.......i don't see any padding! and i need a room with a view
Gene your doodles could just back up and poop away or is that bombs away?
SUE remember what they say about throwing stones when you in a glass house

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SUE...i already have one , when do you want me to pick you up?

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hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhh no!!! hahhahaaaaaaaaaaa
i got a good laugh tooooo hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

it's supposed to be a flying saucer
wow GENE are those anderson windows in that house?

LYNN's vacation house that she hasn't sold yet due to soft market lately
and possible lurking gorillas

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hahhaaa Heather...i think we were bored!! no drinking at all :shock:
in the past we did this on friday or sat nights, had a little fun teasing!

So heather want me to post your NEW house you just bought? :D
heather just recently got a great deal on this house in ruins
So heather, how long before it's finished being renovated?

by the way, nice a/c you got there!! hahaaa

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Gene just set up a pulley device!

and Heather...i don't know why the picture keeps coming off
i'll figure it out soon hahhaaa if not i'll get GENE to post it for me :wink:
WOW kathie just emailed me a picture of her NEW couch
it's Raleigh proof too!!!

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HEATHER...GO BACK to page 2, the pic finally posted :wink:

SUE ...gene said he wanted a house with a view, up high enough so he won't get any mud anymore, and drier weather plus a place where his doodles can run

here's what he bought and is being built as i type

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Gene ....this is the NEW one i bought

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