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Gene's new houseboat

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It was surely an upgrade from my first one that I sold to Annmarie.....

I threw in a pool also to sweeten the deal!!
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Annmarie's house after the latest doodle 500 x 3!!
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Sue....just got off the phone with Denver......he's like one of these please. There is room to put a chair on the porch for yourself!! Also note the cat entrance also!
See less See more the perfect room all set up for ya!! Don't is padded!!
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ellabee said:
gene's surprise project: TREE HOUSE!

Wow....I'd love it....oops wait, there better be an elevator because I'm not lugging 40# bags of dog food up those stairs!! :shock: :lol:
Yes!! We needed a little off the wall goofiness......been too long!!

Shall we kill some kittens then...... :oops:

I'm kidding.....I love kittens and cats.....just not litter boxes.....or as the kids would call them, treat boxes!! :lol:
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1 - 6 of 44 Posts
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