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Gene's new houseboat

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Oh well if we are doing upgrades then this might be
a good replacement for the old mud hut Annmarie??????????
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Gene I love it and Rumor picked this for all of you
You can fly off to the loonie bin and pick up Annmarie and I

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Too cold Annmarie find me a warmer one.................

If this one flies Annmarie then Denver and i are coming to visit
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MaxandMe said:
SUE...i already have one , when do you want me to pick you up?

Raleighsmom said:
Boy....did I miss all this craziness!!! Just like old times!!1 ThANKS for a great belly laugh!!!
I had you in mind when we started this old nonsense Kathie
Just like old times.....knew you could use a laugh
Linda said:
Awwww, you guys were off being bad without me last night!!! Too funny, sorry I missed all the laughter! :lol:
Not to worry Linda
We will do this again and again and again
1 - 11 of 44 Posts
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