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Fun trivia game anyone?COME JOIN US!! NEW MONTH COMING!!

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If you haven't yet signed up to's sooooooooo easy to register! We have tons of fun and laughs!...........Please join us today and have a few days practice before March 1st!

With the winter blahhhhhhs on us already, would anyone be interested in a daily fun trivia game? I play it with some co-workers and family's kind of fun! 10 questions a day...and it's timed.
If so..........I'll get one started. There are hundreds of thousands of questions and can feel pretty dumb on some
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Thanks, Leslie!!! C'mon and join us doodle lovers!!
after months of absence from trivia.......i played tonight and did the worst to-date hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just call me bob

I'm having a bad month!! :(
I think gene is taking night classes in Trivia! He ROCKS!!

Question for you there a way to get the screen to be smaller? It takes me time to scroll down when playing on my laptop. I waste at least 7+ seconds as my screen only shows three questions at a time.

That's all desk top shows too. I use a mouse with a wheel in the top. It's faster to scroll.
I think I will have to play when I am on my "big" computer and not the laptop. Gotta get faster!! :lol:
Come join us for a new month! Remember to play every day!! ... 78887.html
Thanks Linda!!!!
I'm having a rough time lately at this game...........hahaha! Come on and join and make me feel WORSE!! :p
lindamarie said:
Thanks Linda!!!!
I'm having a rough time lately at this game...........hahaha! Come on and join and make me feel WORSE!! :p
LINDA sorry to burst your bubble but I think i hold the record for the most times i've gotten the title BOB hhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Rosikus said:
Wow, well I sucked at that. :)
That's okay....sometimes ya win........sometimes ya lose. Me? I'm on a losing streak! haha!
Got all ten today! :D

With help from daddy, trivia master.
What's up with the game this morning? It tells me I've already played. I just got up! What's the deal? Did someone play for me? If I played in my sleep, hubby didn't tell me.

Another strange thing is my score is the exact same as yesterday's score.

Kind of makes you go hmm!
And here I thought it was just me!! Me thinks there's a problem with the update on the site.....
Ok, I give up. The site froze on me. It took 413 seconds for me to get 5 right. Bummer!!!!!
I am debating if my self esteem can handle playing trivia again.....i think too long at times and i really dont' think my real name is BOB :lol:
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