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Fun trivia game anyone?COME JOIN US!! NEW MONTH COMING!!

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If you haven't yet signed up to's sooooooooo easy to register! We have tons of fun and laughs!...........Please join us today and have a few days practice before March 1st!

With the winter blahhhhhhs on us already, would anyone be interested in a daily fun trivia game? I play it with some co-workers and family's kind of fun! 10 questions a day...and it's timed.
If so..........I'll get one started. There are hundreds of thousands of questions and can feel pretty dumb on some
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Great! I just created one........I just played to start it off.

It will ask you to create an account in the upper right corner. It's simple. Just give your name you use here and create a password. Save the website in favs for daily playing. are timed. If you get 10 say in 150 seconds.........and someone gets 9 in 45 seconds....they win.
They have monthly winners and scores that are compared around the's fun!
I'm excited................okay...........lets go! Todays quiz is on ANIMALS ... 78887.html
You beat me!!
Now who can beat us??? :wink:
I'm so glad you guys like this! Don't forget to play tomorrow!
BTW..............we all have the same questions. It could be set up where they are all different, but I've found it more fun if they're the same.
There are tons of categories.........tomorrow I general knowledge.
I can let you know the categories and we can try a variety.....or I'll just mix and match weekly, how that?

OH! Don't forget to look at the SHOUTBOX at the right in the game can post comments there.
MaxandMe said:
warning: do not hit submit 2 adds MORE TIME to how long it took you to play hahahhaaa
Good point!!
I need Bogie to leave me alone when I biting not allowed during game time!
Can we make this thread a sticky at the top? The more people that play the more fun!
C'mon everyone....join in! No matter what the's FUN!!
Try to play every day!! :mrgreen:
FoodLady said:
Linda ... I love your dancing Snoopy!
Isn't he a cutie!! LOL
I's such fun!
Playing hours for the daily game can actually start at around 1:30AM. The game shuts down at exactly 1AM so they can tally all the results for the day from all the tournamnets. LOL..........if you're up at that hour, go for it!!
I totally enjoy playing this!!
I thought maybe you'd enjoy seeing our rank globally under worldwide statistics.....

The Global Rankings
This chart compares yesterday's scores between different FunTrivia Private Tournaments of similar size to yours. Thus, tournaments with 80 players per day are compared to other tournaments of similar size.

Tournament Name Players Yesterday Total Score Avg score/player Current Topic
Whimsy's Trivia Challenge 14 11167 798 Daily Mixed Bag
Bikers from Alberta 14 11145 796 Daily Mixed Bag
Toymods trivia challenge 14 11125 795 Daily Mixed Bag
How dumb are we? 14 10974 784 Daily Mixed Bag
DewDadsWeb Trivia 14 10875 777 Daily Mixed Bag
Todtalk daily quiz 14 10836 774 Daily Mixed Bag
Doodle's mom & dad trivia time 14 10730 766 Daily Mixed Bag
April 06 14 10598 757 Daily Mixed Bag
Nigel Harman Fansite Daily Tri 14 10595 757 Stephen King
LDYS Open Forum Tournament 14 10594 757 Napoleonic Wars
KK's Daily Trivia Challenge 14 10547 753 Daily Mixed Bag
Sharon's Trivia Challenge 14 10484 749 Daily Mixed Bag
The Studio's Trivia Challenge 14 10412 744
We're number SEVEN!!
Echo said:
lindamarie said:
I thought maybe you'd enjoy seeing our rank globally under worldwide statistics.....
Can we go look at these or is it something only you can do as the host?
Anyone can do it..........simply go to the quiz and click on Standings. That will display daily scores etc. At the very top, it'll say Worldwide Statistics. Click on that and it'll show you.

OK FESS UP MUCH Coffee did you drink before playing
LOL....this morning I had tons!! Funny you should ask! Bogie got me up early & it was a definite java morning! :lol:
lisarundell said:
Cinsmom said:
boy, I sucked today!
I don't think we sucked today I think the person making up the questions for "Hobbies" must have had a couple of the drinks they included in the trivia! :? Can't remember what it was but I'm sure he/she didn't either! :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Sometimes it does was just working. Try it again! :)
Animals only has 400 questions....where the other categories have thousands. I'd love to do all animals all the time too!
I tried to copy/paste the categories but it doesn't let me do that.... :roll: that way we could pick the ones we want.....right now, I'm just randomly selecting them..........
The Fun Trivia mixed bag has over 100,000 questions! Would you guys like that.........or should we continue to just grab at anything.
Some of them are VERY DIFFICULT as should see those!!! :shock: They can be so hard that maybe one person gets a 2!! :lol: .........some gets 0........ :oops:
Doggonecrazy said:
I was just kidding. Geesh! :wink:
Oh we know that!! I was just trying to offer suggestions.
Well.............I'll go and see what to use for the upcoming week..........
As far as a Catholic uprbring too! AND, I taught in a Catholic school! Science and got a 10..........they'd fire
Doggonecrazy said:
LOL at my avatar. I changed it a few days ago for Christmas. Really, it doesn't have anything to do with today's trivia. Really. :lol:
I went through 12 years of catholic schools, I should be ashamed! Linda did you grow up in the Detroit area?
Yes I did! Detroit, Dearborn and now Birmingham..............and you??
Doggonecrazy said:
I just want to let you all know that I really enjoyed playing trivia with you. However, the game seems to have taken on a life of its own, to me at least, so I am going to excuse myself from playing any longer. Good luck to everyone!
Why? What happened?
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