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Fun trivia game anyone?COME JOIN US!! NEW MONTH COMING!!

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If you haven't yet signed up to's sooooooooo easy to register! We have tons of fun and laughs!...........Please join us today and have a few days practice before March 1st!

With the winter blahhhhhhs on us already, would anyone be interested in a daily fun trivia game? I play it with some co-workers and family's kind of fun! 10 questions a day...and it's timed.
If so..........I'll get one started. There are hundreds of thousands of questions and can feel pretty dumb on some
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That was fun! Oh by the way, Lindamarie? I was faster :p :lol:
That was fast Heather. I wonder if we all missed the same ones?
I would like Animals all the time please. :oops:
I was just kidding. Geesh! :wink:
LOL at my avatar. I changed it a few days ago for Christmas. Really, it doesn't have anything to do with today's trivia. Really. :lol:
I just want to let you all know that I really enjoyed playing trivia with you. However, the game seems to have taken on a life of its own, to me at least, so I am going to excuse myself from playing any longer. Good luck to everyone!
I've got the moody blues I think. :oops:
Hi all, ya know, I have discovered a couple of things about myself during this trivia game.

1. I certainly am not as FAST as I used to be. :lol:
2. I am far too sensitive than I care to admit.

There is one thing though that I want you to understand. My decision to stop playing has nothing to do with my standing in the game. I came, I played to the best of my ability, I am very satisified with that.

Anyway, I certainly didn't mean to dampen the fun.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program :wink:
1 - 8 of 300 Posts
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