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Fun trivia game anyone?COME JOIN US!! NEW MONTH COMING!!

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If you haven't yet signed up to's sooooooooo easy to register! We have tons of fun and laughs!...........Please join us today and have a few days practice before March 1st!

With the winter blahhhhhhs on us already, would anyone be interested in a daily fun trivia game? I play it with some co-workers and family's kind of fun! 10 questions a day...and it's timed.
If so..........I'll get one started. There are hundreds of thousands of questions and can feel pretty dumb on some
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Okay ... I NEVER ... I mean NEVER ... do any good on these things.
Am sitting here thinking I would have to put up a lot of blushing emoticons :oops:

But ... I got them all right!!!!!!! :shock: And I really don't know anything about animals! :roll:

Sorry .... tooting my own horn here. It's fun! Can't wait to see tomorrow's.
Linda ... I love your dancing Snoopy!
I've have scored a 10 three times on subjects I know little or nothing about! -animals - science and technology - the bible-

I don't know how or why, but must go with Gene and give credit to OHIO!
I'm with Annmarie ... up one day, down the other ... same questions rule!

Vicky ... sorry about your 'moody blues' ... they come on strong at this time of year for me too. Hope to see you back in the game soon!
1 - 4 of 300 Posts
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