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Fun trivia game anyone?COME JOIN US!! NEW MONTH COMING!!

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If you haven't yet signed up to's sooooooooo easy to register! We have tons of fun and laughs!...........Please join us today and have a few days practice before March 1st!

With the winter blahhhhhhs on us already, would anyone be interested in a daily fun trivia game? I play it with some co-workers and family's kind of fun! 10 questions a day...and it's timed.
If so..........I'll get one started. There are hundreds of thousands of questions and can feel pretty dumb on some
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Count me in!! :lol:
I missed the last one also.....can't wait to play again tomorrow!! :wink:
sessa35 said:
you'd think customers could just WAIT for me to be done "playing" on the computer!!
Some people..... :roll: :lol:
Iz a dunce!! :oops: :lol:
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That's me today!! :roll:
I finally figured out how to be in first place!! Be the first to play!! :oops:
MaxandMe said:
WARNING: something is wrong with the site today

we finally got in and timed it ourselves and is didnt take me 256 seconds...
anyway, i thought i'd let y'all beaware of site server problems with trivia today
Me thinks the lady protests too much....... :roll: I think you either.....
1)looked up all the answers......or
2)had a nice little nap..... :wink:
AND........OHIO!! :wink:

oh yeah......we don't pump gas either! :wink:
Yikes.....and I have 3 brothers that are ministers!! act surprised!! :wink:
MaxandMe said:
Becky...i didn't know that i knew more in last game and that I wouldn't know that i don't know much in this game and you wouldn't know that you didn't know much either...but NOW we both know that we dont' know the anwers. :wink:
I see your "site administrator" title is there now....and I'm a "senior member", I feel so grown up. Does this mean I have to behave now......? :wink:
Here's a skink for ya....

So Annmarie......lunch on you tuesday? :lol:
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Me too!! I'm jonesing!! Here's something to keep you occupied while we wait.......

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aaaargh!! The trivia came back wouldn't let me submit and I actually knew them all....except one that I guessed right. I just went back, it let me submit this time.....988 seconds!!!!!! :shock: I demand a recount!! :oops: :lol:
When you're down....try to see if you can lick your elbow...... :roll: :oops: :lol:
Lindamarie......seems like you go from top to "BOB"......I hang out in the middle usually..... :wink:
Linda said:
gene said:
Lindamarie......seems like you go from top to "BOB"......I hang out in the middle usually..... :wink:
And Gene, I'm always right behind you or right in front of you....smack dab in the middle...guess when you're MIDDLE aged you land in the middle :lol:
Sad but true..... :wink:
Linda....we were drifting apart in the top ten, so today I'm giving you plenty of room to catch up!! :shock: :roll: :lol:
The other Linda....but with the way I played's open season on my spot!! :wink:
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