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For Lynn

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Here's some of my cross stitching. I love to do it, but 98 percent of it I give away. Here's what I have.

This I did about 10+ years of the few I kept...

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my old boss that I misplaced until recently...

This is a wedding sampler that is really late!! It's done with bead work also...

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I truly enjoyed reading Gene and Lynn 'needle' each other. Can't wait for something new to hap'pin'....

Okay ... you did it ... I am sitting here sobbing. Knew I would.

I'm a survivor almost two years now. Was very very lucky ... it was caught early. Used to think about it every day. Then we got Ebbe :D

Thank you so much for that wonderful story.

I'm going to boo hoo some more then share it.
Thank you all for your kind words and loving thoughts. I considered myself blessed in so many ways ....

Annmarie, I'm so very sorry about your friend. But I can sort of understand his silence .... in my case, many folks thought I handled it too casually! I just wanted to be ME and not me with cancer.

I talk about it now because I really need people to understand how sneaky it can be (my family of eight had any number of health problems EXCEPT for cancer)....and that regular examinations -at home and by the pros- can save your life (guys too)!

......pause while i jump off my bandwagon......

Again, Annmarie my condolences .... I hope you have many happy memories that give you some comfort.

And to all ... October's coming up .... get out that PINK :D
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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