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Hey doodle owners! The tour I won for the band I'm in leaves next Thursday, the 27th. I know a lot of you are from the Midwest, so I thought I'd give you guys a list of our stops just in case you'd be interested in coming out to support us! A few of the shows are actually benefits for the humane societies/animal shelters located in each city, so I thought it might spark an interest here. There will be full blown shows with 3 or 4 bands (we'll be headlining), as well as a silent auction and donations for the puppies and stuff. It's pretty neat.

We're an indie/folk rock type band. We play acoustic sets with an accordion, banjo, mandolin, and two acoustic guitars + looooots of vocal harmonies.

Here are our stops:

March 27th: McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon (PoundHound benefit): 8pm: There may be a small admission fee for this one.
1576 North High St.
South Campus Gateway
Columbus, OH 43201
Check out this site:

March 28th: The Plymouth Coffee Bean Company: 8PM: Free
884 Penniman Avenue
Plymouth, MI 48170
(I think this is right near Ann Arbor)

March 29th: MY House: 6PM: Free
3304 W. Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, IL

March 31st: Indie Coffee: 8PM: Free
1225 Regent St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53715

April 1st: The Annex: 9PM: $5
1206 Regent St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53715

April 2nd: The Java House (part of the Mission Creek Midwest Festival): 8PM: Free
22 1/2 E. Washington St.
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

April 4th: Mars Cafe: 8PM: Free
2318 University Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50311

April 5th: Box Awesome: 9PM: $5
815 O St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

April 8th: Cruisin' RTE 66 Bar & Grill: 8PM: $5
7895 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63119

April 10th: MoJoe Coffeehouse: 8PM: Free
222 W. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

It would be great to see some of you there! If you do, make sure you stop me at some point in the night so we can talk doodle! I'll be the blonde with the accordion. Haha.

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woohoo michigan! i'd love to come! i'll see if i can!

if not, good luck with your tour anyways!!

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Hi Lauren, Welcome to Madison!! I just saw this post now. Must admit, I do not go into this category very often for some reason. You would think that that would be a sign, but as fate would have it, on ocassion, I work nights to cover for shortages in our office. I work past the 8PM start times of your "gigs". Anyway, I have been out of the loop for a few weeks on this site because of a long cold that ended up as bronchitis. Today is actually the first day in about a month that I have felt good. I do have a longer break today, because of the lenght of my day so maybe I can run by Indie Coffee shop today and see if you are around to say hi. After work, it's home for much needed rest. Tomorrow night it won't be doable. Anyway, sorry the weather sucks these days. Madison, is even greater in the sun. Maybe I will see ya.

Hope so! If not, enjoy your stay and good luck.
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