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We have been totally freaked out by this pet food recall. We feed four dogs-3 big ones- so we try to find high quality food that does not totally blow the budget. We have done our research - and have been feeding a high quality lamb and rice food we have found at Sam's club--or a very similar food we get at our local feed store. Yesterday we decided to go to the feed store as we were needing food. We talked with the owner there about our concerns with contaminated food. He was wonderful and so knowlegable about animal feed in general and the current recall. He went over the entire ingredient label with us and provided so much information !! He said Animal feed is his business--it is his job to know all about it. Soo....something to consider when shopping for pet food--check out your local feed store. We were really impressed and relieved. Kathy, Lizzie and Louie.
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