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Had to let you all know that Coco had her first class tonight!
She did very well.....
a little jazzed around so many other dogs she didn't know...
But....she really handled it all better than I expected.

She already knew sit, down, sit stay and down stay
.....and that's basically what they worked on....
reviewing heel....which Coco missed due to the twisted leg
last week....they think I need to get her a prong collar
to get her to really heel well
and stop pulling to the side....any thoughts on that? :?:

She had never needed to know about stairs...
as we don't have that lesson
( the class is upstairs in a dog daycare place )
was one we worked on quite a bit.
Going up wasn't a problem,
but going down freaked her out!
She did it with a little help from behind....
I led her on the leash and the instructor
just gently picked/guided her rear and
coaxed her down....not really pushing,
just suggesting and she did it fine.
Maybe just having the trainer keep coming after her,
caused her to keep going down....

She is laid out too pooped to pop now!!
We had fun and it will be fun to have a well behaved doodle!!


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I'll be watching how you do - I start my first class in 2 weeks!!

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