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First Family Dog!

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Hello! We are in the beginning stages of research for our first family dog. We have an 8 yr old son & 5 yr old daughter and want to look into the wonderful world of labradoodles since my son had some previous asthma & allergy I do not want a shedder!!! What are the best mid-size Labradoodles with so many out there?

There is so much information online and I am looking for advice on what to get and the best way to find breeders in the northeast Ohio area (or nearby) and what we need to look for in choosing one. It is all overwhelming!! Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Yes, a labradoodles is a great breed but I'd be careful with allergies. We have an F1B which is a 50/50 labradoodle bred back to a poodle and she does shed some. You have to talk with the breeder about the shedding/allergy issue. I will pm you the name of our breeder in Ohio!
Great dog for allergy and asthma sufferers. My Lennon is really curly and does not shed while my Lucy sheds about 1/10 as much as a lab would. My girlfriend that lives with me has allergies and I have asthma and we got lucky as neither dog bothers either of our ailments.

My sister has three kids under six and they love my doodles. Sometimes I think they love them more than they love their shIh tzu Lola.

Also mine are medium sized at about 45 lbs and are the perfect size for everything. Good luck in your search
My Juneau is also an F1, but he sheds enough for all the dogs out there that don't shed! We've invested in a furminator and have found it helps some, but he will always be a shedder! When we first got him he didn't shed. It wasn't until the 5 month mark (got neutered and his adult coat came in) did he really start to shed.

Just be aware that they might not shed now, but they could down the road!
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