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First Day of Puppy Class

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Last night was Abbey's first day of puppy class. The class is at the day care center associated with our local vet office. My husband and I went to the orientation last week and last night the pups got to come. After a little instruction the pups had free play for a few minutes. What a kick.

We were in the small dogs section, since Abbey is 12 lbs. All the other pups were pretty shy. Abbey was much too active for the small pups. The others were too shy to play. So the instructor kept throwing toys for her. Abbey is mellow around the house but really got into playing with the other pups. She also went around the room and met all the people. She is so curious.

She did great with the commands. She knew sit, but learned down. She was handled by all the folks in the class. Other than the crazy play she really did well.

The instructor invited her to stay and play with the larger pups in the next class. That was good for her. She was cautious at first, but by the end she was chasing them around the room. Even the large Great Dane. She is a little rough, but I think this class will calm her playing down.

Abbey came home and walked right into her crate and went to sleep! Can't wait for next week!

Time to prepare the bird. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
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Way to go Abbey ! I see you have a stack of books next to you - reading up on class???

Gene - I Love your new avatar
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