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Finicky with food already?

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Hi folks - it's been a while since my last post - our now 9-month-old, Astro, has begun not eating when his food is put down - we had never had a problem before - he is just as active as ever - no lethargy - he's been on Purina One Large Breed Puppy food, which is based off chicken - any ideas? Think he's ready for adult food yet, or should I try Purina One's Growth and Development formula? He already about 85 lbs., so i'm not looking for anymore "growth" so to speak :) -
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Hi Tim, I would definately take him off the puppy food. I would try changing to the adult food first off and see what happens. How many times a day do you feed? He should be getting fed twice a day at the same time each day or as close to it as possible. Dogs are creatures of habit. See if this helps, let us know.
Actually, he gets three cups in the orning and early evening - we'll try your suggestion -
I agree with Di I would switch to Adult and see how he does post a new pic of him and that sweet little girl of yours.
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