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Finally Pictures of Lizzie and Louie

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My first attempt at posting pics--I hope this works. The first pic is of Lizzie. She looks kind of silver in this picture, but is really a light chocalate with lots of lighter highlites. Louie is in the second picture.

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They are beautiful!! Happy Holidays!
It's so nice to finally put a face to their names. Very cute doodles.
finally we get to see them and they're adorable!!!
I like louie's beard and blonde highlights :wink:
Lizzie looks like a real doll :D

so happy for you
I love the long beards! I have listed my pictures on photobuckets but still don't know how to get them in here. HELP!!!
Lizzie is just as cute as she can be.

Thanks for posting!

2 doodlesgal - here's how photobucket posting works - I hope I can explain it OK -

You need to keep both windows open, your discussion forum post, and your photobucket site.

I usually begin by minimizing the forum index

Then highlight the 3rd box under the photo you want to copy

Then right click, and copy

Then minimize photobucket and restore the discussion forum post

Then right click and paste

You won't see the actual photo until you preview-

It seems like alot but its really not that bad when you get it- I'm not sure I've explained it well - but if you can't get it - there are others here who are really good, and can probably be of more help - just let us know how its going.

I learned from the master I was really a slow learner, and she was really patient. THANKS LISA!!

Trying to pay it forward-

Good Luck!


Maddie and Lexi
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