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You can look at my website to see what her coat may turn into since I still can't seem to post here. For example the picture of Queenie eating the strawberry at 9-10 weeks vs. her 1 year birthday picture could give you a good indication of the possible adult coat of yours. Also, Pooh Bear and Nezzie had similar coats, but with a bit more curl. The shedding factor in my experience has more to do with texture of coat than curl or non-curl. The coarser the texture the higher the probablilty that shedding will occur. We haven't had any significant shedders other than a large, loose curly, coarse coated girl. According to her owners, after she hit the year old mark it slowed down and is barely noticeable with ocassional brushing and bathing which is necessary since she is a BIG lake swimmer.
Lee Ann
P.S. If you would like I can e-mail you a picture of Yarra that may a coat like your baby's. The calendar is a good indication in coat and color of yours too! Great idea to show that!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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