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Finally figured out how to post a VIDeo

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not great quality - didnt have enough lights on in the living room :(

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Oh the humanity!! That poor little bear! :shock:

Great video....looks like best buds!! :lol:
Well now that I have seen your video Annabelle
Maybe you can out tug the boys

Not bad for your first video Mary!!!! I've learned you have to turn on every light imaginable so the video won't be dark, and even then sometimes it's not enough! I also learned this week (after having it for 2 years!!! :shock: :shock: ) that my camera has a 'night' mode which I never used...well, if I use that mode at night in the house, it lightens the background, and the picture comes out much better! See??? You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!! Bwahahahahahaha :wink:
thanks - they were having soo much fun

I'll look and see if I have a night mode on camera - thanks

I had a video of Annabelle at the lake on the other camera, I downloaded it but havent been able to find it on the computer :evil:
nice video and wow they play so well together too! poor stuffed animal hahhahaaaaaaaaa

kathie ,,,did you just say you're an old dog?
why not call yourself an ole sea hag? hahahaaaaaaaaaa
They do play very well together Annmarie, I have never met a dog like Hank - he has never met a dog he doesnt like, when he lived next door to us, unfortunately his parents let him wander, but all the dogs (and people) in the neighborhood loved him - never a fight, never a growl

I've had 8 of the neighbors over visiting him this week - everyone misses him
Bwahahahaha..'Sea Hag' is reserved for you my dear.....'Old Dog' for me!! :wink: :wink:
Raleighsmom said:
Bwahahahaha..'Sea Hag' is reserved for you my dear.....'Old Dog' for me!! :wink: :wink:
i was always called YOUNG LADY by my mom 8) guess i'm getting older?
(when she was upset that is) hahahhahaa
OOOOo I got first and middle names when I was "bad" and if really bad, she added my confirmation name :shock:
Thanks - I'd love to see Annabelle with another doodle, bet that would be great fun
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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