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Feeding -- What should I do?

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Hi all. Emily is 4 months old and until now has been fed 3x day 1 cup of Canidae (3 cups total). I was planning to start transitioning to 2X day soon. Problem is for the past week or so she has refused breakfast (she will eat some if I handfeed which I am not sure is the right thing). She will eat lunch ok and dinner with enthusiasm (my guess is she is now having 2.5 cups/day).

At what time do you all feed your doodles? Do you remember how much they ate at 4 months? I am concerned that 18 hours (time between dinner at 6 and lunch at noon next day) is a bit too much to go with no food.

any advice? is skipping breakfast ok?

Concerned Emily's mom :(
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Bailey is also 4 months old and 26 pds. He is fed twice per day, once around 7am and then around 4pm. I give him a total of 3 cups per day but he is on a different brand of food. I follow the directions on the bag which gives me a range for a dog his size and age. He is on the low end of the range. Every once in awhile if he is hungry and his bowl is empty he will pick his bowl up and drop it at my feet!! He also does this with his water bowl when it's empty.

Bailey is somewhat picky also. Doesn't like his breakfast. Sometimes I will put a shred of cheese (just one little shred) into his bowl. It gets him to the bowl and then he usually starts eating. I also need to be in the kitchen while he eats. If I leave he leaves too. Some people on this forum say it's the poodle in them that makes them picky?

I feel Bailey is kinda skinny but my vet says he's just right so I guess I will continue.

I agree with the other posters in that he will not starve himself. I also find if I he knowls I will take his bowl away after 30 minutes whether he is done or not, the next meal is eaten eagerly.

Good luck!!
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