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Feeding -- What should I do?

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Hi all. Emily is 4 months old and until now has been fed 3x day 1 cup of Canidae (3 cups total). I was planning to start transitioning to 2X day soon. Problem is for the past week or so she has refused breakfast (she will eat some if I handfeed which I am not sure is the right thing). She will eat lunch ok and dinner with enthusiasm (my guess is she is now having 2.5 cups/day).

At what time do you all feed your doodles? Do you remember how much they ate at 4 months? I am concerned that 18 hours (time between dinner at 6 and lunch at noon next day) is a bit too much to go with no food.

any advice? is skipping breakfast ok?

Concerned Emily's mom :(
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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