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Feeding -- What should I do?

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Hi all. Emily is 4 months old and until now has been fed 3x day 1 cup of Canidae (3 cups total). I was planning to start transitioning to 2X day soon. Problem is for the past week or so she has refused breakfast (she will eat some if I handfeed which I am not sure is the right thing). She will eat lunch ok and dinner with enthusiasm (my guess is she is now having 2.5 cups/day).

At what time do you all feed your doodles? Do you remember how much they ate at 4 months? I am concerned that 18 hours (time between dinner at 6 and lunch at noon next day) is a bit too much to go with no food.

any advice? is skipping breakfast ok?

Concerned Emily's mom :(
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most puppies go thru this stage at one time or another...don't worry
a dog will not starve themself, though once in a great while food has been changed OR SUPPLEMENTED with a dash of pineapple or sweet potato or yogurt etc

Beau is 4mos old and eats 4 cups a day,
so did Peanut at this age and Max was 4-5 cups a day at 4mos old

max did freefeeding till we got Peanut our 2nd doodle.
and Max at same age did same thing...i acted like his food was really yummy and refused to let him have some. He gobbled it up when i put his food dish back down hahahhahaaa
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