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FDA Names Chinese Supplier

And their website says they make human grade wheat gluten. No mention of pets. As Jac has said, this is probably the tip of the iceberg. The company also makes:
ESB Protein Powder Vital Wheat Gluten
Zinc Oxide of Feedstuff
Camellia Seeds Dregs
Carrot Garlic Fresh Ginger
Rice Protein

Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co, Ltd

Vital Wheat Gluten
Product Origin: China
Brand Name: anying
Supply Ability:
Minimum Order:

Post Date:2007-4-1
Detailed Product Description:
wheat gluten meal is also named vital wheat gluten. The flour is used as its raw material, and from which extracts a light brown natural grain powder through intensively processing. It is a good solubles protein, containing fifteen amino acid essential for human body. After all, it can yet be regarded as a plant protein food looking good, smelling good and tasting good. It is the basic raw material of high-grade aquatic food.

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Linda - thank you for keeping us updated. This is really too much! I have to go through Dex's treats because we have some chicken strips from Petsmart, but they're pretty old. They'll prob just get tossed to be safe.

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This is on another forum...

Please respect my being anon.
Mon Apr 2, 2007 12:38AM

When one's profession involves keeping secure proprietor's information it makes one sick to FRIGGIN HELL to not be able to tell anyone what's going on. DON'T EAT ANYTHING CONTAINING WHEAT GLUTEN THAT COULD HAVE BEEN MADE DURING OR AFTER DECEMBER 2006. That's all I can say right now.

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My post from yesterday AM brought over here:

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:43 am Post subject:


Although the FDA has confirmed only 16 deaths, it also says it has been swamped with 8,800 calls of sick or dead pets that officials haven't had time to investigate.

Could the FDA be swamped because they are afraid the gluten contamination might be in OUR food? This would explain the lack of resources. And because they do not want a huge panic, they are trying to concentrate the investigation into whether the gluten went into the human food chain? An announcement like this would send stock prices plummeting. Wheat gluten is in an incredible amount of processed food and it does not even have to be listed on the labeling. Did Del Monte Foods only use this wheat gluten for pet treats? Del Monte is more known for people food. And when a company finds a cheap supplier, would it not make sense to purchase for the whole company in bulk?
Just a thought. There has been no official announcement of this.

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Very scary, Jac, but not surprising.

Avoiding wheat gluten is very challenging. It does not have to be listed as an ingredient to be in foods. I have a family member with Celiac disease. They have to follow a gluten free diet. Wheat gluten is in many processed foods. Here is an excellent website detailing the gluten free diet. It is not an easy diet to follow.

If food contains modified food starch or modified starch or starch that is wheat gluten.
If food contains vegetable gum, vegetable protein or hydrolized vegetable protein (HVP) that is wheat gluten.
If a food contains 'natural flavors' that could be wheat gluten.
malt or malt flavoring has wheat gluten.
Soy sauce has wheat gluten.
Flour or cereal products containing wheat contain wheat gluten.
Most salad dressings and gravies contain wheat gluten as a thickener. Paul Neumans dressing is gluten free I believe.
Frozen vegetables in cheese sauce,
Instant coffee,
anything breaded,
hot dogs,
cold cuts (Land o Lakes Amercian cheese is Gluten Free),
ice cream (Haagan daz is gluten free),
commercial chocolate milk,
ANYTHING containing wheat including bread, rolls , and cereal.

Food not containing gluten:Fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh meat (double check hamburger, some stores sell meatloaf mixes with bread crumbs added)
Corn cereals
Foods labeled gluten free (there are more and more companies making gluten free food, but it is more expensive.

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So we still don't know the US supplier who received the gluten from China and then shipped it onto the companies. In this day and age when our reporters find out EVERYTHING I can't believe this has not been reported. And I am at a loss as to why the FDA does not want this information disseminated far and wide so companies can determine if they received a contaminated shipment. The Chinese company said they received the gluten from another Chinese company, so pass the buck is starting already.
I am not as concerned with the potential contamination being in OUR food because I think it's dilute enough that it wouldn't hurt us. And it really is not THAT toxic...they are still not sure why the animals are dying from it. Plus, wouldn't some of us be sick already? If it's here, we have been eating it! I do worry about anyone who is pregnant though. It can cause miscarriages. And children who are known to eat just one thing over and over again. If the FDA even thinks this might be in the human food chain, they should be announcing the supplier name.
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