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F1,F1b...what does it mean?

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Our girls' mom is full labradoodle and dad is full lab. What does that "officially" make them?
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Hi, I've never heard anyone breeding an F1 back to a Lab, breeders just don't do this as far as I know of. All the breeders I know would take the F1 and breed back to a non related Poodle or F1B. Breeding back to the Lab would make the chance of Shedding and Dander greater. Maybe someone else can add something it's just not anything I've ever heard being done not to say it doesn't happen.
Hi Angelaj, welcome!

Linda is right and I agree with her assessment of the way Labradoodles are bred.

I have heard of breeding back to a Lab (although I don't think it would be wise) but when it is done, I think it is when the "Poodle" genes are too strong...and that would not happen, in my opinion, until many generations of breeding and back breeding to Poodles.

The idea, as Linda mentioned, is to breed Lab traits but have Poodle coat qualities...and by breeding back to a Lab, you are increasing the chances of Lab type coats...hey, breeding Lab Coats! LOL (Okay, sorry, couldn't resist.)

Now, this is not to say that your puppy is anything but adorable and wonderful ... most people, I have found, really want the Lab qualities in their puppies...but you might have a puppy with quite a bit of shedding. (But, also with a lot of sweet Labrador traits!)

Be sure and post his picture!
Hi Angelaj, and welcome!

Because F1 and F1b are basic gentic, hybrid terms, your dog is an F1b.
The reason is this: F1 is the FIRST cross of 2 different parents, such as Poodle x Labrador. The "F" just stands for filial, and F1 is the first hybrid generation. F1b stands for an F1 generation bred back to a PARENT breed (either one) so having a Labrador x Labradoodle litter IS an F1b litter, but not typically done, because usually the trait Labrador-people are looking for is the non-shedding trait in the poodle, and the F1b where the parents are F1 x Poodle are most likely to produce almost an entire litter that have that non-shedding coat.

The F1, F1b, etc. terminology is really borrowed from any hybrid science.

I hope this helps! :D

And yes, post pictures of your doodle!
:lol: :lol: Maureen, now you see why I struggle in law school! Our professors are always telling the students that we are missing the "call of the question"!!!
Well, I missed the call of the question here...sorry, Angela...glad that Maureen jumped in and took up the definitions for you!
Jac, NAAH!!!
You struggle with lawschool cuz WE are so DOGGONE irresistable!! :wink: :twisted:
Well, that is certainly a factor! (As you can see...I am still checking the forum...and I have sooooo much to do! Ah, well, I have my priorities! :D )
Okay, thanks for all the info! The breeding back to a lab was not exactly intentional. The good news is that the resulting pups have a beautiful variety of coats; some look like the daddy, some like the momma and still others are a beautiful combo. Here's a look.

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Your puppy is cute! I love the pic of the whole litter sleeping. That is precious!
Okay, here's a few of our girls. Coal's mom will love Frenchie, she looks a lot like Coal AND she has the same name as Coal's sis.

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OH! I thought the chocolate pup was yours. I LOVE your puppies! Is your Frenchie going to be silver? Fiona (I think I am remembering the other one's name correctly) is so sweet! Good luck with them!
Nope,the chocolate guy is their best friend's puppy, his name is Chester.
Awww, both of the puppies are gorgeous...and it is so fun to see the result of the Lab back cross! They are really pretty puppies, for sure!

The two that you and your mother selected are absolutely wonderful!
Nice pictures, and that yellow Lab male is GORGEOUS! Now wonder your pup's mom found him irresistable! :wink:

Are you going to breed your Cody or neuter him? I guess you could cross him back to a poodle if you were keeping him intact, right?
I think Frenchie might be silver, hard to tell I guess. At 8 wks old this past Saturday I think (correct if I'm wrong PLEASE) their coats could still change quite a bit. Fionna isn't very "doodley" but she was just so cute AND the only light colored pup in the litter with a black nose and black paw pads...we had to have her. We are seriously considering breeding Frenchie(black doodley pup) back to poodle. It would be our first time for attempting such an adventure so if we do.....get ready for questions!!!!
I just checked out and the pic on the front page shows a lab'ish dog climbing on a human pup. That dog is what I think Fionna may look like. Is it a full lab, a golden, or something else?
I think you might be right about Frenchie!
The classic rings of white around the eyes, and lightening on the muzzle... our puppies are 7wks old and we're seeing that right now too!

my ad on another website has several older (sold) puppies on it that are me if you wanna see it. :wink:

Oh! I almost forgot today is vaccination day!

Happy Monday everyone :D
Hey, Angela, sorry I didn't reply to that question about the yellow labradoodle on my website. That's our son and an F1, a fairly labby guy, but hang on, he's getting scruffy and curly as he goes, I'm sure. One of the posters on this forum has one of those puppies so check pictures from Keith. :wink: That litter is 50/50, tho, so it's hard to know how your "reverse-f1b" puppies (that's what one breeder called this type of litter) will look like, and how much long coat they'll get.

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