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Hi Debby glad you found us to and welcome to the forum.

I'll take a try at expain this to you:

An F1 is 50% Lab and 50% Poodle doesn't matter which is mom or dad. Chances of dander and shedding is greater although I've seen a lot of them that don't or if they do it is very little. The coats will vary from dog to dog we as breeders like to say it's like a roll of the dice you never know what you will get with an F1. The only thing we no for sure is they are very loving and smart.

An F1B is an F1 bred back to a non related Poodle this makes them 75% Poodle and 25% Lab coats are a little more consistant my first litter was half curly and the others were just wavy and fleecy feeling but still really nice coats. You have a better chance of lower or no dander and shedding with the F1B. Some people will also call these F2's depends on the breeder. Alot of the F1B's will have more curl just because of the Poodle.

You will hear different defintions of what a Multi Gen is but as long as one of the parents is say a ALF5 that's an example and it's bred back to a F1B or even a Poodle the puppies will be Mulit Gens. Now with that said you will find some breeders that will guarantee no shedding or no dander I will not do that at least not at this point of my program Guarantee is a strong word to use. I hope this helps some and I'm sure others will give some advice so you just have to take all the info and do what is right for your family. My web site is if you want to see an ALF3 he is on my adult page and males page. I would look at different sites and see the differences in the dogs. Some people say The Multi Gens are consistent but if you really look you will see differences in looks and coats. :wink:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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