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Hi and welcome to the forum. You will probably find like many of that this forum becomes an addition, and there will be less and less time for bills!! Just wanted to add that there are different type of dog allergies and some dogs will work for some and others not. Many people can get away with an F1 but some do better with an F1b or multigen. If I had allergies I would go with an F1b or Multigen. There is a price range within these groups. Also to mention that there are different sizes of the labradoodles (some use minature poodles to acheive this smaller size, some australian multigens have been being breed for years to achieve the smaller size). Just to mention that Goldendoodles also make wonderful pets.

I have a friend who currently has F1b puppys available that I would highly recommend. There are also many respectable breeders who chat on this web site that will gladly help you match you up to your ideal dog! If you would like the contact info I have in mind please email me directly... [email protected]
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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