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Hi everyone,

Just wondering what your ideas/experience might be with infected eyes. Bailey was swimming in the river this weekend. Today he woke up with a really pussy eye and even though I've cleaned it, it continues to ooze. When I look back at the whites they are very pink. He kinda seems sad too, like it's bothering him.

I will probably take him to a vet tommorow but had a couple of questions.

1) Do dogs get pink eye? Could he pass it on to us?
2) Is it probably from the river water? I also wonder if he may have scratched it on a branch or something but more leaning towards the river water. My previous dog swam this river almost daily and never had this.
3) Is there anyway I can avoid the vet and treat it myself? Maybe with some over the counter polysporin eye drops?
4) Is there a chance it would just go away on it's own?

This is his first time in the river and he had so much fun. I would hate to have to worry about this or avoid it. The water is cold (icy in spots) so I didn't think there would be much bacteria to worry about.

Poor little guy....any info you can give me would be appreciated.
lily and Bailey
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Is Pink Eye and Conjuctivitis the same?
Conjunctivitis is highly contagious to people from animals too.
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