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Escape Artist!

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So my boyfriend got home around 1pm today from work....great job.
To have Boone meet him happily at the front door...
Sweet right?
No, considering when we left at 8am he was locked safely in his crate. I don't know how he did it, but a roll of toilet paper, and one of my hairclips suffered at his hands! No accidents in the house tho. (he did have one yesterday for the first time in a month tho, but he is teething so I assume it had to do with that)
Little sneaky thing! What a scary thought, we aren't prepared for him to be out in the house when we aren't home, so we hadn't really and truly puppy-proofed everything since we are always supervising him when he's out. Luckily he didn't get into anything and was nice and safe.
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Doesn't that make you want to set up a video camera to see how it does it!
Oh my gosh!! We had a puppy in one of our litters we called James Bond because he seemed to be an escape artist! (this was the kids' idea) but he never escaped a locked crate!

Glad there was a happy greeting at the door, and so little was affected!
That could have been disastrous. Imagine, if it had been a long day for you and boyfriend. :lol: Wonder how he did it!?! I had a doberman that could get out of anything....she would set her friends free as well. Our vet refused to board her after one time.
This actually happened to me a couple of times. But it my case it was one puppy (the housetrained one) liberating the other... see my post:

I have since set up a web cam (great product, see: - it's managed over the internet and can tilt and turn. I basically can point it all around the room where they're confined to) to monitor the two dogs from work.... I have since withnessed them shred our couch to pieces from work (very frustrating!!! couldnt do anything about it but watch!) but also witnessed one more break out. The free dog actually figured out how to slide open the two sliding locks of the other dog's crate!

I'm watching my web cam right now and Pacha and Maggie are on the balcony barking at a neighborhood dog that's passing our building ;)
This is too funny! I have one puppy from my litter that I refer to as the escape artist. At 6 weeks she figured out how to unzip a soft crate, she always finds an opening and whenever we are holding her, her little legs are running in mid-air! (Even the vet commented about it when she had her...she said that our "really smart" puppy will need obedience training! But that when she is finished...she could go on to really great things!

A web cam???! I never thought of that! (But I think my dogs would eat it.)
Sorry...guest above is me. Jac
So far they haven't eaten it yet :) They do come up close and personal every now and then - really funny, I sit in the office and all I see is a nose sniffing ;) - but so far the haven't considered it a nice treat yet ;)
I almost died when he told me. The email I got simply stated "Guess who was out when I got home?" So I was terrified he had gotten into something. I think he just layed around wondering where the heck his humans were, and that he didn't remember giving us permission to go out!
I'm very proud of him for not destroying anything substantial , and not having accidents! His teeth are really bothering him, and we've found two so far, and a bloody pillow he was knawing on. Since we've noticed those things, a bit of the training seems to have flown out the window. But I'm sure it'll be back when his mouth stops hurting him!

We have a week long vacation coming up on Friday, to florida. So my sister will be babysitting for us. I'm so scared he will forget us, and all that we've taught him! I'm gonna miss him like crazy!
Had we known we would have him, we wouldn't have scheduled the vacation back in october!
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