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Emptying out crate

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I have an odd question. I am trying to figure out why Lani empties out her crate everytime she is let out. She will eventually run back into her crate grab something and come running into the family room with it like it is a prize and will continue till it is empty. Is she trying to extend her "den" or could it just be a game? Just curious. :D
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My guy does the same thing! There are toys all over the floor and I am constantly tripping on his "cong" toy.As soon as you pick them up and put them in the crate, in goes Digby with toys in mouth drops them on the floor. Must be a game! :D
We have a big dog pillow beds for Chester and it kept in the corner of the family room. Every so often he takes it in his teeth and drags it into the middle of the room. It's quite funny. I think he's looking for attention---or just doesn't like the way I have the furniture arranged.
Lexie pulls at her blankets and rearanges her room...all the time! The only reason that I know of is the nesting that females do when they are ready to deliver a litter...but Lexie has been doing it since she was tiny.
That is so funny - Josie does the same thing. We call it her 'search and rescue mission.' It's like she's saving her toys from the crate. Too funny!
Gus (10 mos) does this too. His crate is in the basement and he'll trek down from the 2nd floor to the basement to retrieve something.
Maybe there is some sort of Labradoodle Fung Shui they are all practicing.
This toy needs to be here to maintain Doodle harmony, this blanket goes here for inner peace...
Hahaha! I love it....doodle fung shui! I always think my doods bring me their stuff so that I will admire it and "want" it. I always tell visitors that the doods show off their toys to be admired, but not taken. Like a guy showing off his stereo.... "Oh George...What a GORGEOUS bone! I've never seen such a beautiful bone. I wish I had a bone like that!" etc., etc.
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