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Emergency Room

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I havent been on in some time. But we went out of town this past weekend and Licorice was at the Kennel. When we picked her up on Monday she had a booboo on her right back leg. The guy at the kennel said it had just happened, Licorice was playing with a couple of other dogs and someone got too rough. We were not sure if she had been bit or stepped on. When I got her home and I took a closer look it looked bad. So we spent yesterday afternoon at the emergency hospital. After three hours she has a shaved spot on her right back leg the size of 3 x 5. They had to give her three stitches and put in a drain. She came walking out with a cone around her head. My poor baby! She slept all night and was still a little groggy today. Just had to share with someone that would understand how we feel about our doodle.

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Awww, poor doodle! I hope the kennel takes responsibility for the "accident"!
I am with Julie on this. I would go tell your Kennel it wasn't just a little rough.
Oh, I hope Licorice recovers quickly! Poor baby. Hugs to you as I know you feel bad that she went through this. Cali sends woofs and licks.
(((((Licorice)))))))))))) hope you heal really soon. Glad you got her to the vet and i'd let the doggy place know about it too.
Poor baby,,

thats a crock,,i would call the owners or go there, give them a what for!!! and insist on them paying the entire bill and any other costs associated,

i was a manager of a boarding facility and normally interactions between other dogs not in the same family is a big NONO
Ah poor Licorice!!! I hope she is back to her old self soon!
Poor sweetheart!!!!!
and I would send them the vet bill...........
Poor baby! I hope she heals quickly. Licorice, remember play it up and get lots of lovin' and treats! I would send them the bill! I was considering kenneling the dogs this summer, maybe not.... house/dog sitter may be the better bet.
So sorry you had that trouble!! Heal fast, and look as miserable as possible in the cone. You can use that to your advantage!! :wink:
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