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Effects of Heat on Doodles

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We have had temps near 100 here and Scottie has not really eaten much. We do have AC in our bedroom where he sleeps or goes when we are in there. He has thrown up a little the past two nights and I didn't know if it's due to the heat or if he might have something else going on. Also he's never been one to eat grass but lately he has been eating grass and I was wondering if that means he's lacking something in his diet or not. Also when he has thrown up there has been grass mixed in!!!Anyways didn't know if anyone :roll: had any input on that one.....Thanks :D
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I don't think that eating grass is anything more than the fact that sometimes dogs like grass...but sometimes it does make them throw up...

I do think that the heat could be a factor. If the house is air conditioned, it is probably fine, but as I read your note, only your bedroom is air conditioned. This could be a serious problem for your dog unless you keep him in your bedroom all the time.

Your dog will just sleep a lot and maybe not want to eat much...but be sure that there is always fresh water.

I keep my dogs wet when it is hot...they seem to like that and it keeps them cool.

If he continues to throw up or act lethargic, I'd suggest a visit with the could be heat stroke if he is outside in the heat much.
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