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My heart is still pounding!! We went out side for a potty break......I hear a loud squeak and a commotion, and here comes Jonah with a foot long RAT in his mouth. I scream "DROP IT!!", he gives me the look....I grab his collar and repeat the command. He drops it, Miko grabs it, starts to run. I get her by the collar, repeat drop it, she does, Jonah regrabs......I repeat the command, he drops it. I move it with a stick, keeping the kids at bay. Finally pick it up by the tail with a handy poop bag and then deposit the poor thing in the trash. I think he died of shock, because there didn't seem to be any wounds. Icky yucky gross.....I felt like a little girl. I'm surprised I didn't scream!! Needless to say, I had to move the trash to the inside of the garage. I thought they have been chasing a chipmunk or a mole.....I had no idea it was a rat that was living in or around my garage.....which, thank the Lord , is NOT attached to my house!! :wink:
This is the kind of rat....ours was browner (and more dead!)
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I can assure you, the rodent didn't die of shock. A wild rat will put up a savage fight against a dog. I'll bet he was poisoned and died from internal hemorrhaging in your yard. Or worse yet, he was diseased.

Back in the dark ages when I lived in NY, my property was adjacent to a small produce farm. When bulldozers moved in to start preparing the land for a luxury condo development, the resident rats fled in every direction. I had "Hav-A-Heart" traps everywhere but my heart is cold when it comes to rats. Wearing industrial elbow length rubber gloves, I dispatched these nasty rodents as humanely as possible.

You should bathe your dogs and spray them and your property for fleas immediately and consult a pest control company that specializes in rodents. If your pups found one rat, there's got to be a nest nearby.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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