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My heart is still pounding!! We went out side for a potty break......I hear a loud squeak and a commotion, and here comes Jonah with a foot long RAT in his mouth. I scream "DROP IT!!", he gives me the look....I grab his collar and repeat the command. He drops it, Miko grabs it, starts to run. I get her by the collar, repeat drop it, she does, Jonah regrabs......I repeat the command, he drops it. I move it with a stick, keeping the kids at bay. Finally pick it up by the tail with a handy poop bag and then deposit the poor thing in the trash. I think he died of shock, because there didn't seem to be any wounds. Icky yucky gross.....I felt like a little girl. I'm surprised I didn't scream!! Needless to say, I had to move the trash to the inside of the garage. I thought they have been chasing a chipmunk or a mole.....I had no idea it was a rat that was living in or around my garage.....which, thank the Lord , is NOT attached to my house!! :wink:
This is the kind of rat....ours was browner (and more dead!)
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I'll probably be awake from my own nightmare!! :shock:
I had no's only me. Although, the doods wanted to help..... :roll:
ChasP505 said:
I can assure you, the rodent didn't die of shock. A wild rat will put up a savage fight against a dog. I'll bet he was poisoned and died from internal hemorrhaging in your yard. Or worse yet, he was diseased.
Jonah Jaws must have killed it then, I heard him squeal, and he was still convulsing when I pitched him in the trash.
(Sorry ladies if I cause the nightmares again! :oops: )

I did open the garage door very slowly this morning and checked to see if the garbage bag was still intact. I'll feel much better when the trash goes to the curb tomorrow night.... :wink:
DebBrown said:
I'm betting it was already dead because it would have been tough to catch otherwise.

Don't underestimate the speed of a doodle! Last spring Miko caught a Robin in the yard. After a 5 minute chase around the yard, I got her to drop it. It was that Robin's semi-lucky day....he survived! :wink:
I'm listening to music from the 70's and guess what's on.......BEN by MJ!! Here's proof! Don't mind the dust on the TV.
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