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Gentle Leader - Halti

Hi, Dulcie is 7 months now and we have always used the gentle leader and although it worked great for keeping her calm and not tugging, she still didnt get used to the feel of it on her nose despite now wearing it every day for her roadside walks. We have now recently bought a Halti, which again works on the same concept, but is loose around the nose unless they pull. She can then still loll her tongue, pant, etc, which she found more difficult with the Gentle leader. The Halto also comes with a mini lead to attach to the normal neck collar should she work it off her nose or if it came loose for any reason. She now walks beautifully with NO rubbing her face, and is also happy to sit quietly and acutally manevure her own face into it, which is great.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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