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My friend used to work at a vet and they told clients to rub garlic oil in the dog's e ar for mites. It gets rid of them and doesn't dry out the ear. Has anyone ever heard of this? I noticed yesterday that only one of Cody's ears was just nasty and full of that dark sludge and had lots of bite bumps in the ear. I cleaned it out really good then rubbed some garlic oil in there. I don't know how often I need to do that. Mr. Stinky is getting a bath tonight so I'll do it again then. Just wondering. Also, it's suppossed to be the garlic oil from the whole foods store. Since everyone in my house is coughing and hacking with the plague I'm not going out much. I admit that I just dripped some oil out of the jar of minced garlic I have in the fridge. I hope it won't make a big difference.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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