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Ear Infection in Puppy :-(

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I just discovered this morning, as Abby cried when I put her leash on, that she has an ear infection :( She was just at the groomer on Sunday for her first "puppy spa day" at almost 4 months and they cleaned her ears so this just occured. I looked in her ear and it is brown & crusty so I made a vet appt. this afternoon. Do you clean your doodles ears once a week with some solution so this doesn't occur? Gosh, I just noticed her scratching her ear last night so it seemed to come on quickly. I feel like a bad mommy :oops:
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Don't feel badly!! You are doing the right thing by taking her to the vet. Boyd had an ear infection the other week largely due to the amount of hair in his ears which trapped dirt and moisture. The vet plucked the hairs and told me to do it every 6 weeks (it hadn't been done in 8 months) :oops:

I clean Boyd's ears once a week with a solution the vet prescribed for me but lots of people on this forum will have advice on home remedies.

You're not a bad mommy!!
maintenance cleaning is normally not needed. I let my puppy parents know that after baths and after swims it is a good idea to put a cleaner in to dry out the water.

brown and crusty to me indicates yeast infection, Zymox is a wonder in clearing them up and fast. :) dont worry your a good mommy!

oh and some people never clean ear hair, its kind of a 50/50 thing nowadays. some say it helps and some say it hinders. I do it in my poodle, but my F1 labradoodle doesnt have enough for me to worry about.
we are going through the same thing with Dexter (he too had too much hair in his ears :oops: ). I can only advise you to be careful and really clean them good. And especially now that Abby is still little I would try to go into her ears a lot. We didn't do that enough with Dex and now he freeks when we go into his ears..
Thank you everyone for all your advice and kind words :) I will start cleaning her ears every week to have her get used to it. The groomer scolded me Sunday because Abby didn't like having her face and paws messed so she was a handful. Now I have to work on that with her...good grief and now the ears - yikes :roll: I laugh because I am TRYING to be a good mommy! Holy mackerel :shock:
That's okay. When Boyd was 4 months old I was scolded by the vet tech b/c Boyd mouthed her. She said very sternly "you need to get that under control!!" Well, how would you feel if you had been poked and prodded and had a thermometer shoved in your hiney??? :roll:

BTW, when I took Boyd to vet the other week (he's 11 months old now) the vet commented on how well behaved he was and that I should be proud of myself - so there!! :lol:
Hi Lam,

Oh good, it just isn't me :lol: I was a littled peeved at the groomer because I was thinking to myself that Abby is not even 4 months old and never been to the groomer so what do you think she is going to do? The groomer got justice because when I picked up Abby she looked like she had a black afro :shock: I asked what happened to her wavy fur and the groomer stated she straightened it and it will take a couple days to relax. At least they didn't put a bow in her head or I would have died :eek: Needless to say, we both put on our dark sunglasses and slinked out of PetSmart hoping not to be noticed on a Sunday such luck! She looked like a black bear cub.... :p
OMG, I am laughing at the picture you just painted!!! :lol:
Not all groomers are created equal :twisted:

The first one who groomed Tanner said he was poorly behaved and needed me to be firmer....Hard when he is such a sweety. Her answer was to give him a buzz cut.

The second groomer loved him and did a great job...she is very British, very proper and he loved her :wink: She brushed his teeth and pulled his ear hair and he still was so happy :p
I wish I would have taken a picture of Abby after the visit to the "hair Nazi", but she even looked humilated :oops: What do some groomers think that we secretly whisper in our doods floppy ears to misbehave and risk the possibility of getting a crew cut or worse yet...looking all foo-foo like some darn show dog with painted nails - yikes 8)
I just got back from the vet and little Abby has the mother of all ear infections :-( They had to pluck some of her hairs and she is on Cephalexin and Temaril. They suspect the ear cleaner PetSmart used may have caused the infection so I called PetSmart for the brand of cleaner they use so I make sure to steer clear away from it! It happens to be Healthy Ear by Paw Brothers. My vet is looking into it so she can let me know what type of cleaner to use in the future. Gosh, so much for her first experience at the "puppy day spa" :(

On a bright note, she was the darling of the vet office batting her long eyelashes at everyone :wink:
Wow! That is some infection. Boyd gets groomed at Pet Smart and his ear infection happened one week post grooming....hmmmmm...... I'll bring my own ear cleaner next time....
Hi Lam - Abby's appt. at PetSmart was Sunday and by Wednesday night she was in misery :-( I feel so bad for her and then this morning she was doing her morning "turbo puppy" and smacked her ear on a wall corner -ouch :cry: It broke my heart to hear her cry and then she was piddling while I was trying to comfort her. We have had a rough morning, but she is playing now - whew :) I am sure all PetSmart's use the same cleaning products and obviously our little dood's are a bit sensitive!
Abby deserves a Friday of hugs, cuddles, and snuggles! :lol:

I'm working from home today and Boyd had a doodle frenzy in the back yard and is now crashed out on the kitchen floor - hoorah! Don't ya just love it when they wear themselves out??
Oh, I wish I had read this sooner!
Please don't hesitate to call me when you have things like this happen!! I may not always have the right answers, but I have some...and I know about ear infections.
As a matter of fact, Lexie was the first. We have wet winters here and Lexie's ears are not nearly as long and furry as our others' ears, but one day she was lying on her side with her ear flap opened and I gasped! Looked like dried blood all over! I knew that she had a "scent" to her, but thought she needed a bath. (Now I know that "scent" and smell my dog's ears regularly.)
Anyway...her infection was really bad too, and it was yeast...all of the meds did not help much until the vet gave her a shot of something...dang...I can't recall what it was! (I am sure your vet would know...or let me know and I can give you my old vet's contact info to find out.)
Anyway, almost immediately, the infection cleared up and she has never had one since! Rosie also got a bad yeast infection, so I took her right in and insisted that they give her the shot in addition to the other meds...they did and the next day she was well!
No need for them to suffer when they can get that shot!
About ear hair plucking...I am soooooo against that...not that I am saying your vet was wrong...under these circumstances, it may have been necessary....but I have found that if you clean and dry the dog's ears, the hair is not a problem. If it starts to look matted, I clip it down...but I don't pluck because, to me, it is opening another way for infection to enter...AND it would be painful to use an alcohol or vinegar based cleaner on freshly plucked ears...ouch!
Many people do pluck the ear hair. I believe that it serves a purpose. In fact, there have been many times where the hair has stopped things like burrs or twigs from getting into the ears.
I would suggest that you work with her paws and ears regularly...I know how hard that can be!
I use Veterinarian's Best Natural Care comes with an Ear Relief Wash AND has a second product that is a gel that turns into a powder to dry out the ears. I use them together.
When cleaning ears, I wipe them out with a cotton ball or soft paper's okay to put these things down into the canal becase it is deep and your fingers are too large to put it close to the ear drum. After the wash, I massage...they LOVE that...and then dry with cotton balls and then put in the powder gel. I just rub that in. They absolutely love it. And it smells good!
Please call me! Don't worry about waking me up, or "bugging" me...I love little Abby too and will give you the best advice I can give.
If you have lost my number, send a PM (PM button below) and I'll send it to you.
But, don't fret...this is natural...especially in the wet seasons and if they swim...
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Hi Jac...I almost emailed you, but didn't want to bug you - silly me! Thanks for your info on the shot and the ear wash you use. Tonight I am going to attempt and hopefully not sob, as I try to clean her ear. You are right I need to start working on her ears and paws. She is such a wiggle worm :p I will keep you posted on her ear and I am dutifully checking out the other ear to make sure it stays okay.

I agree with not plucking the ear hairs and have no intention of doing that to the poor thing. Hearing her bark and cry was heartbreaking, plus I agree the hair is there for protection too. She goes back in next Thursday for a check up.
Don't forget that YOU hire your vet and YOU get o make those types of decisions. I always thought that I had to do what they suggested...wrong! Tell the vet that you will consider his suggestion, do some research on it and let him know what you decide. (You don't even need to do that!)
When Lexie had her infection, the worst part was pouring the meds in...they are cold and you totally flush them, don't worry about it...and Abby will shake her head, but then you grab her ears and gently rub them. I promise she will love that part. They usually lean into your hand so hard that you can barely hold them up! LOL
No are not hurting her! (Bugging her, maybe, but not hurting her. :wink: )
You're so right Jac. They hate the cleaner, but LOVE the after rub. The problem is, they don't want you to stop!! :wink:
Oh, yes, doggies love that ear massage! You'll be able to feel the ear canal below the ear flap. Massage that and they really appreciate the help with a spot that is so hard to scratch!
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