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Anyone else have "dumbo ears" when they were a puppy? Mommy used to chuckle at my ears, but she told me some day I'd grow into those big ears...........I finally did and now she says she misses them, go figure :roll:

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Tyke STILL has Dumbo ears! In fact, that's one of her nicknames - right up there with "Psycho Tyko"! I love her big fluffy ears! :lol:
ok...y'all melting my heart with all those cute puppy pics!

I'll see if i can find any of mine.....for now though i am enjoying all of your pics :D
Love the pictures.
I love Maya's bath picture, sooooo sweet
Aww how cute!
I've had a couple pups with large ears and find them adorable!

Thanks for sharing!
Sherlock has those ears. It's one of the reasons we picked him over his brother. Every now and then they'll get in his way and he'll start chewing them. The tips are always wet from falling in his water bowl when he drinks. My daughter likes to hold them out while calling "BAT DOG". :lol:
Hey AB...Dumbo ears or not..everyone loves you!!! :wink:
And Maya, your ears are adorable too!! :wink:
Hi Raleigh and Molly - how's your Mommy doing????

love Annabelle
Sam's ears also look as if they are really too big for his head. As he's getting older and his fur is growing longer, his ears just look like they keep on growing and growing. They're quite fun to cover his eyes with and play peekaboo. He looks at me as if to say "oh we go again! :roll: " :twisted:
Denver I love your 8 week picture !
I love all those lovely soft ears.....

My long ears the first day at my forever home

I'm a big boy now at 17 wks old....see how the rest of me is catching up!

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1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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