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Dulcie isn't looking as I'd hoped

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I know we shouldn't get our hopes up when buying a doodle, and she really is a lovely dog, but she hasn't got the coat I had hoped for at all. She is very lab like, and moults quite a lot. I am kinda hoping she is blowing her coat or just losing the winter one, and that she may come through with a slightly longer shaggier look, but I very much doubt it. I feel very guilty that I have these feelings just based on her looks, but I do still feel a wincy bit disapointed. She also used to have a lovely big hound face as she was growing, but she now seems to be all body! Sorry for the moan, but when I see all the lovely looking doodles on here, I wish her coat had grown, even just a little more! Some of her photos are on the gallery, if you'd like to take a look and let me know. Sometimes I even wonder if she is a doodle at all!
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by the not up to date just yet

I have been trying to upload some new photos of Dulcie but don't seem to be able to get a hange of it - there are some on our webshots site at Thanks

She is a cutie - hard to tell if she will get more of a coat or not. However, I would guess that due to her age that she pretty much has the coat that she will have as an adult.

Where you able to see pictures of older puppies from the same breeding? Did you tell your breeder that you were wanting a shaggy doodle? They should have been able to tell you what to expect her to look like going off of past experiences.

Have fun with her and enjoy minute!
Dulcie looks beautiful to me! She is more labby looking which some doodles are.
My 2 girls are from the same litter, a F1 labradoodle mom and a full lab dad.
One of our girls, Frenchie is soooo doodly, with a woolly coat but her sister, Fionna is slick as can be. The vet says that Fionna's black skin, eyes, nose and pads are "the poodle in her". She has the most beautiful eyes. Dark brown, black lids and beautiful golden lashes! Whatever the case, they're beautiful and we love them both!
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Oh my goodness!! I just checked out Dulcie's pictures and she and Fionna look a lot alike! Fionna is probably a bit more lab'ish as she's bred back to a
lab. Anyway, they're both beautiful.
Angela your 2 girls are ADORABLE!
I had an F2 litter last year and we had a similar situation - with curly babies that were quite poodley - and at the other end of the scale a chocolate Lab who looks JUST LIKE a chocolate lab! At 1 yr old he still looks like a Lab. He just got all the Lab genes I guess. oh well, it's not like that's a BAD thing, right? :wink:

What a great picture! Thanks for posting it
Thanks for the photo, it is great! Amazing how different they are but looking at our own children, you can see that we all can come out so different! I think I was having a down day - esp. as I had received so many remarks lately from well meaning people that Dulcie didnt look anything like a doodle and where was her long curly coat etc. We do absolutely adore her and she is behaving so well lately. Thanks for your remarks and photos.
Your girls are adorable. Genetics is an amazing concept!
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