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Dora makes the Kong Hall of Fame!!!!

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Hey Everyone!!

I am so excited!! After looking on the Kong websites for recipes for Dora I saw a place where I could send in a picture of Dora playing with her Kong. After a ton of pictures, I finally had a couple that weren't blurray (because she was moving all around playing with it LOL!!) and I sent them in to their website. They contacted me and said the loved the pictures!! I went on today to see the other labradoodles and their her picture was!! I am so excited!! Oh, I already said that!! If you get a chance check us out:
Just type in labradoodle in the breed and it will bring us and some other cute pups up!! Have a great day everyone!!
Beth and Dora
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Look for your certificate in the mail pretty soon then! Sammy just got hers when I submitted these pics to them of Sam playing with her puppy kong AND big red kong when dad stuck them together! she LOVES them like that! haha!

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What is the certificate for?? FREE STUFF??? WHO-HOOO!!!
Thanks for sharing those great pictures!! What a cutie!!
Another star is born!!!
adorable pics you guys!
Congratulations to all of our Labradoodle stars and their families!! Dora's and Sammy's pictures are simply adorable!
Congratulations Dora and Sammy! Great pics--great doodles!
Daine (and Dakota)
Let's just not let fame go to their little puppy heads!

I wonder if there is a way to set up a "Famous Doodle" gallery so all you published/internet stars can show off! How fun would that be?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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