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Doodles & Water?

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Our previous dogs have not liked water, which worked well because we live on a river. However, it occurs to me that doodles have waterdog genes and may be much more likely to go for a swim on a hot day - or a cold one. Do you find that there's much attraction there, and how do you handle it if water is a standard feature in your personal landscape?

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Denver is crazy for the water and will try to
jump into anything that is 2 bowls bigger than his water dish.
Bahahahahaaaa!!! He is a water dog for sure!!!!
Sounds like this should be very interesting, then! I forsee a roped off boat ramp, for sure....

We did have one Dane, briefly, who was attracted to water and he couldn't figure out why he kept getting hosed off - which he didn't like much. Maybe if we'd had him longer we could have worked something out, but he was a rescue Dane who became super territorial and tried to attack a friend and later, another friend's child, so back he went.
we have a fairly large creek...that is anywhere from 16 to 20ft deep (depending on time of year and weather0 and it's 70ft wide. MAX loves going in it and dunks his head underwater looking for sticks hahahhaa Peanut has yet to go in.

Max won't go down the creek alone though he waits for us to bring him down there which is only 750ft from the house.I keep the doors to the pool closed at all times as i don't know if he'd jump in or not.
Annmarie, I was hoping to hear from you, 'cuz I checked out your place from the link you have and it looked as though there'd be lots of temptations there for a watery pup. It looks gorgeous, by the way. Do you have a lot of land, and do you farm or just relax and enjoy it? Here's a link to my place that I put up for my online painter friends a couple of years ago:

You can see that as well as there being a river bordering our property we also compounded the problem by going and putting in a pond! So your input is very reassuring. I'm getting one of Maureen's little girls, and both parents seem very laid back and biddable, so hopefully this won't be much of a problem. We've always been able to train our dogs to "piddle" on command (always assuming there's raw material for the deed in the bladder, of course!) and to wipe their feet, as well as to stay on the paths in our vegetable garden rather than wandering through the tomatoes and spinach and wreaking havoc. They do give me a mildly betrayed look as they watch the cat prance among the rows, but herding cats is beyond me and the dogs seem to understand. However, that was always with Danes, and my doodle will be a whole new experience. Hearing tales about matted coats and grooming, and then the idea of this same coat being dunked in our muddy river, did make me worry a bit!

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They get it from the Lab and the Poodle St Poodles were the origianl water fowl dogs bred in France. Not all like it but a lot of them do.
Hadn't realized that poodles were bred as French waterdogs, Linda. Thanks for the heads-up! I'm hoping that even if there's an attraction there we can work on it so it's manageable. Getting lots more insight into the situation, though. You guys are great!

Absolutely beautiful home and property, Leslie! I LOVE the water (any water!) and your view from the studio is peaceful!)
I always love when others get to see how BEAUTIFUL New Jersey really is! (Although I don't want too many people to know :lol: )
I'm getting inspired to go take some nature pictures myself!
Thanks, Linda. We love it here but are always quick to point out that it has its downside; the gnats are bad right now and the strawberry flies are out, too. If you live further downstream where the water is more salt, there are greenhead flies which are really vicious, and lots of mosquitoes. We usually have a breeze so they're not much of a problem here, but there's definitely a reason why this part of NJ is so sparsely settled. And as you say, we enjoy it as it is.

I take lots of nature photos but then I paint from them. Here's a back link to some of my oils and pastels of the area

We've lived here for almost 35 years and there's a lot you can do with a place in that time. It was pretty bare when we moved here - and we also built our house. The studio was originally the dwelling for the property, but it did have some old barns and chicken coops. Everyone we knew thought we were nuts to move down here but they don't think so anymore!

Anyway, lots of room for a doodle to roam, and we'll hope she won't roam too much into the water.

Happy photographing!

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oops, forgot to say that an electronic fence would work well if the water spots become an issue or if you are already concerned.
Linda, we've never had to use one, but it's definitely an option if it becomes a problem. Our dogs usually stay fairly close to us when we're outside with them, and we don't leave them out by themselves. We have a lot of river frontage so electronic fencing would be a bit of a hassle but not impossible if excessive dunking becomes an issue.

Right now my husband's installing an electric fence to try to keep a very persistent raccoon away from our goslings! In an ideal world all these fences wouldn't be necessary.

Looks to me like we all have a place to go after Annmarie's!! Beautiful property, beautiful oils.....getting my bags packed now! I've been known to stalk she says. :wink:
Only the top two are oils, so you may want to unpack your bags. The others are pastels. And there are BUGS! Drove me in just now from watering the strawberries. Since I was watering, I guess I was sort of on topic although I didn't have a dog. Wait, my neighbor's chocolate lab was here earlier, having come via the river I suspect. So we're good.

Leslie, maybe I'll just unpack 1 bag....then head off to art school for a refresher art appreciation course..... :oops:
Nah, you don't need it. :) Pastels and oils look very similar, unless you can get close enough to see the texture. That's why I like both and don't do well in acrylics or watercolor, although I've tried the latter.

HI RIVERRAT...sorry took me so long to reply we've had numerous internet service problems and they replaced cables from the house to the telephone poles...YOUR place is goregous and much nicer than mine and beautiful gardens too

I think an invisible fence is a wise idea with the river so close.

We are always with Max and peanut outside and they won't go to the creek without us. I only mow paths so it's tall grasses and whatnot about 7ft or higher which seems to keep the doodles at bay. i am thinking of having both an electric underground fence and also a chain-link fenced off area as well.

So for us, doodles don't roam to the water alone...peanut has yet to go in the little scaredy cat hahhahaa
Like I said, we've been there 35 years, and have been tweaking it and adding things all that time. You too can do the same with that much time, if you're interested. We didn't travel or do a whole lot of things away from the place because we had sheep and goats and horses when our kids were young, so we could devote our energies to landscaping and gardening. It was pretty bare when we first moved in.

We have a lawn down to the river, but there's also a wild border of high marsh grasses right along the edge. It was never a problem raising two kids, two Irish setters, a husky, and a series of Danes here, so hopefully it won't be a problem with a doodle. We can always get an invisible fence if we need to, but I'll try without it first since I always have lots of other things I could do with any available cash. I'll tell the puppy about Max and Peanut and advise her to follow their lead...

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Leslie - I just had to chime in and say how beautiful your property is and your portraits are just stunning! You are certainly a first class artist.
Thanks, Kim! Painting is a second career for me and I'm really having fun with it! Did you see my French series from our trip this past October? A lot of these are on back pages that can't be reached without having the link:

So nice to have a very talented artist on our forum! Maybe some doodle portraits in the future?
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