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Yesterday Sawyer attended his first concert. It was an outdoor Hurricane Katrina benefit concert and lots of people came out with their dogs.

We spotted two gorgeous Labradoodles, one f1 chocolate and one f1 cream female, across the concert lawn and my daughter Megan and I decided to go say "hi." :D They were so nice (dogs and people) and they are locals also and are excited about having a doodle romp. Then (here comes the amazing part!) we started talking about where our doodles came from and it turns out that their girl Trixie is from the same breeder (Baylake) and has the same mom (ReRe) as Sawyer! :eek: She is his 1/2 sister from a previous litter!!! They played and played! It was very sweet.

I forgot my camera, though, I wish I had a picture!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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