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Doodles at daycare

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Dex & Kirb are at a trial today at a different daycare/boarding place. This one is closer to our house...I like to have some places available in case we need emergency care at any point.

Their webcam is horrible (only takes still shots), but take a look at Playroom 1 or the outside cam to see if you spot a fluffy white or red tail :)
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I see a white blob!! Is that you Dex??? :D
Hope all goes well!
OMG these 2 doodles are SO tired...haha...poor Kirby has training class tonight too - I hope he can stand up.

When we went to get them the lady went on and on about how great they were (I'm thinking she tells everyone this), but then she described how they played and it sounded just like Dex & Kirb (apparently Dex loved the water toy they had - imagine that).

I wish there was a daycare place more convenient for us - I would think about taking them every so often for the day, but this place is 20 min in the wrong direction from our house to work.
glad they had a good day, maybe a once a month treat???
Great day for them.................looks good.
glad they had a good day, maybe a once a month treat???
haha...maybe, we'll see :wink:
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