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Doodle taking meds

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Dexter got bit by something (vet thought maybe a spider or a tick) and told us to give him benadryl. Currently Dexter is on a food trial for allergies so we can't give him peanut butter. We hollowed out a carrot and hid the pill in there. You know, our silly doodle took the carrot, chewed it once, spit everything out on the floor and picked out just the carrot and avoided the pill. We went and bought liquid benadryl but laughed that it's so hard to trick him!
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Awww poor baby! Hope he's alright. Good luck trying to trick a doodle. They're too smart for their own good. The only thing I've ever had to give Dexter was pepto, and I did the liquid. Put it in a syringe and squirted it in his mouth, and he took it, though not very happily.
oh yeah...he's fine. actually the bump seems to have gone down already. Plus the benedryl seems to have made him a bit sleepy so we've had a nice calm few days :wink:
This is what I mean by "a bit sleepy"...this has been Dex's favorite position while we're doing our kitchen updates...

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Ohhhhhhh Poor Dex...want to send him over here so i can just hug him and hold and love him!!! he is soooooooo adorable and yes he looks sleepy. I love his cut...what did you tell the groomers to do??? as i am thinking of getting the same cut for peanut

When i give pepto and/or bendryl what i do is take some Canidae dry food, add a dash of oatmeal or steak or yogurt then pour Pepto or bendryl in and MAX WILL just eat the whole thing up. Peanut is the same way.
:) His haircut is a bit of a mix right now. about a month ago we took him for a cut. We asked for 1/2 inch on his body and 1 inch on his head. Well that's the time where his paws were matted and therefore they had to shave them. Dex got freeked by something at the groomer and wouldn't let her cut his head. So this last week I cut his head (it's still crooked) so it wasn't so crazy long. He's grown out a lot and is probably more like 1 1/2 inch on his body now.

So to make a long story short...I would suggest a 1/2 inch cut on the body and 1 inch on the head....if you really don't want to go too short I would say 1 inch all over. I'm actually loving the short paws now cause he drags so little dirt in.
awwwwww such a cute sleepy dood! Glad you were able to get the benedryl into him!
Poor baby Dex :cry: :cry:
Benadryl has been a life saver for us as Denver
is alergic to wasps, hornets, bees and whatever stingy critters
there are.

and sue our MAX is same way
Leslie, looking at Dexter is like looking at Tanner...same identical look. I think you told me once but I couldn't find the post...who was the breeder that you got Dexter from? Tanner will be a year on August 6...isn't Dexter about the same age :?:
Awww, what a sweetheart!
I know what you mean about sneaky! Chase won't even take the Heartguard...all the other dogs think it is delicious, but Chase? Nope, he holds it in his mouth and spits it out when I'm not looking...he pretends that he swallowed it!
With Lexie, I take a pill and put it in a spoonful of honey, I coat it really well and let her lick the honey and the pill just gets swallowed too!
Annie - we got him a Delaware Doodles...I think I asked you previously and that there's no chance they're sibblings (but they sure look a lot alike!!)
Leslie and Annie, First things first ... Dexter looks so regal (sleepy) but masterful. I hope he's feeling better. Second things second ... at the dog park yesterday there was a doodle who looked EXACTLY like Ebbe ... I kept calling to him. And two other doodles who each had an exact match. Upon comparing notes with the parents, not one was from the same breeder. Very strange but fun, and I made double sure I was leashing the correct panting puppy when we left.
that's funny - once we were at our dog park and I started talking to someone who had a labradoodle. Turns out the puppy was from the next litter at the place we got Dex from so they're 1/2 sibblings :) They look a little bit alike too. We're waiting to run into them again.
"No, I'm awake, really I am - see??"

Poor sweetie - trying to keep those eyes open....
I showed the picture to Tim and he said...why did you take a picture of Tanner when he was so sleepy....I guess Tanner and Dexter both have a double :lol:
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