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Doodle smell?

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Hi....I have a question about the way our puppy smells. He actually has that usual dog odor and I was wondering if that is normal. My husband and I were under the impression that our labradoodle would not have that "dog smell". Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Chester would get that doggie smell when he would play with his friends (boxer and golden) was from them so now he comes in and gets a good brushing. It helps.
Mine only got that smell after playing with other dogs, and a bit when he was a pup. Neither of mine get the doggy smell now..
Ok, I will try to brush him soon after he plays with his friends. My in-laws have two dogs that he likes to run around with. Thanks for the help!
Also, you may want to try an ionic really seems to freshen the coat.
Molly stinks when she gets worked up. We joke and say that she has doggy B.O.
For my pups I use a product called Fresh Ayre ( I think). You can spray it right on their coat. It works for treating "accidents" and for keeping the crate really fresh, too. I've tried all the enzyme products like Nature's miracle, etc. This one smells really light and clean and I think it works better than the rest. At night, while we watch tv, I spray the doods and brush them. They still get smelly when wet and dirty, but this helps a ton for a fast tidy-up.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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