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Doodle seasonal allergies - eye boogers

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Has anyone (who's doodles experience spring allergies) noticed extra eye boogers (I know - real scientific name, huh?) on their doodle? I think my husband will be bringing Dex by the vet tonight just in case it's an infection. He has been extra itchy, extra sneezy and yesterday I noticed so many eye boogers on his right eye (and caked into his long eyelashes). We are leaving for outer banks (NC) this Saturday and don't want to take any chances in case it is an infection. Just curious if others have noticed this.

Poor guy - I gave him a small dose of benadryl last night - he has really been itchy the past few weeks.
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When Abby arrived she had persistent eye problems due to conjunctivitis. Even after the Vet declared her eyes well, she had eye stains and what you refer to as eye boogers. I did some online searches and found out distilled water may clear it up and sure enough it did :D She's been on Distilled water for several months with no recurrence of eye problems. Hope this helps and saves you a vet bill...mtd
we went to the vet...he said Dex is suffering from bad seasonal allergies...said he has seen many dogs like this recently. He was given a steroid shot and some eye drops...his eye looks gross!
Miko has this problem ongoing. My vet said any product you use in your own eyes, can be used on a dog. He said it's the same stuff they "give" you, just a lot cheaper. After the infection is gone, saline wash or even Visine will help.
yeah the vet mentioned using saline. Luckily we got out of there spending only $25 ;) He also told us to give Dex some benadryl if he seems to still be suffering.

P.S. Kirby gained some weight (finally)...he's at 48 lbs and the vet was quite happy. Maybe the food switch (to fish/potato) did some good.
You're lucky....I've spent almost $300 in the past 2 weeks for Jonah's ears, then with Rumor yesterday for what turned out to be hot spots on his muzzle. He got an anti-inflammatory shot that's making him pee like a racehorse!! :shock: :lol: Seemed like he was trying to paint the fence this morning!! :lol:
Hope Dex is better very soon and the allergy season ends :twisted:
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