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Here I thought life would be so nice, quiet and somewhat normal again being back down to 2 doodles!!
Peanut my cute darling DEVILISH princess doodle was running around last night with Max and I thought "how cute"
that is till i realized her mouth looked strange as i had my glasses on this time! :wink:

and i do the "DROP IT" hahhaa she runs as fast as her porky little butt lets her. Finally I trick her around the corner
and to my surprise it is our NEW DIGITAL phone in her mouth!!! :shock: this thing is about 5 or 6in long and ewwwwwwww she slimed it!
(how the heck she could fit the whole thing in her mouth is beyond me)

HEY Leslie, think Peanut was calling for KIRBY and DEXTER to come play? :wink:

Peanut is driving us nuts somedays....i can't wait for this stage to pass. hahhaha nothing is safe lately. kathie, Raleigh hasn't been sending peanut any PM"S i don't know about? :shock:
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LOL How funny, she was wanting to talk to someone :wink:
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