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Doodle romps!

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Hey everyone!!

I've been getting so jealous with everyone attending the doodle romps in their area! So I have decided to try and do one myself. Unfortunately the area I live in is small and finding other doodle owners might be hard. Leno was born here in town so maybe his brothers and sisters are around.

I dont think I'll advertise my doodle romp here, because I havent even seen anyone else on this site from New York. So im thinking of making some cute flyers and posting them everywhere. Maybe even PetsMart will allow me to hang one up there!

But I wanted to know what kind of things you do at these romps. Do you plan activities? Or do you just let them off their leashes and have a great time running around with each other? How many hours do they go on for?

Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks!! :D
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Hi Brooke, great idea! Sounds like a good way to advertise too...are you in touch with your breeder? If so, perhaps they can help and also contact the owners of her other puppies to see if they want to come.
I have never been to one, so I am not very good at this, but I think that if you check the archives of this forum you can find some great ideas with the romps held by Diane and Linda...they had training and games and such...but others have just gone to the park and let the dogs run. Everyone has fun either whatever feels comfortable to you should be great!
Let us know how it goes...wish I lived nearby...I love to hear about the romps...but Diane (from CA) has been working on one for my area...I hope to be of help to her soon. I am looking forward to one!
Hi Brooke....Where in New York are you? I'm from NJ and I've love to come if you're close enough.
Hey....I live in Plattsburgh, its about 3 hours north of Albany. Im still trying to think of how im gonna do this. We dont have any official dog parks here. There is one park lots of people walk their dogs, but its not fenced in and that could be a problem. Im gonna see if there are any parks in Albany or near there. I might not have any luck at all with pulling this off :?
Hi there! We have had a few romps in our area and I've been really suprised at the turn out! It's so much fun and the dogs all seem to get along great. I would definitely contact your breeder and ask them to give your e-mail out to their puppy owners. Here are some links that may be useful...

I don't know if you're near this park, but here's a great website and the New York liason may be helpful ... wYork.html

Also, if you go to - there are many romps advertised there and the site owner, Blue, will list your romp if you ask!

I hope this helps!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Thanks for the of the sites posted one in about 2 weeks. It seems like fun too. There is even a lake for them to swim in!...But I checked on mapquest where it is and its 5 hours away. Im sure it is worth the drive too, I just need to convince hubby :D
Brooke, you are SO HOOKED on doodles! lol
The lake sounds like a FABULOUS asset to your location!

At the monthly Romps there are just a bunch of people who come and let their dogs run, and the people chat and play with the dogs, and then we go home! It's fun, cuz we all love our doodles, and because they are "regular" - as in held often - there isn't any one big event.

So if you have doodles and people-who-love-doodles, I bet you'll have a great time no matter what you do.

I think getting breeders involved is a great idea too...they can see their babies as they've grown, and they have a natural database for bringing people to the romp.

I've written the only doodle-owner in NY to ask her where she is, and where is one of the breeders she knows in the area, so stay tuned....
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