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Doodle Romp in Mad Town

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Always nice to meet fellow Forum Doodle Posters. This weekend Kathy and I took advantage of balmy Wisconsin weather(high 30's when we left the house) and went to a near by dog park. Our first time to see the whole thing. Lots of trails on a plot of land over 150 acres. We invited our neighbors and their NewFoundland Jewel, another Doodle owner and her doodle Keegan. We planned to hook up with this forums own Madcity Mike, Parker and Sofie. We all got there right around 10:30. It really was a great time. Really great to see Mike and associate a face and a personality to his posts. We all enjoyed it alot and I am sure we will be joining Mike qiute a bit on his weekly Saturday visit to this park. Parker is as cute as he appears in the pics Mike posted, and Sofie, fine looking in her own right, is one fast doodle that challenged Marley each time the tennis ball was lofted. On the walk, Marley and Parker tended to constantly go ahead and lead us to check out other dogs and their owners. They were both quite sociable and most times, returned, when called.

After just a few moments there I realized I forgot my camera. I was disappointed but Cindy, Keegan's owner, brought one and took a few shots. I won't forget it next time. We all frolicked for over an hour. Good time had by all. :D :D :D :D

The hike begins!

Keegan and Parker Checking things out

Jewel kept up well with the smaller, speedier Doodles

Sofie and Marley..."Come on guys, pick up the pace!!!!"

Sofie and Marley out for a rumble, move in!!
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