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Doodle Recall?

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We are headed to take Marley to his original home this weekend. We send updates from time to time regarding how Marley is doing to his breeder. As it works out, Saturday is a year exactly that we picked him up there. Our breeder enjoys hearing about “her” dogs and we thought it would be fun to take Marley back for a visit. We are hoping to see Marley's canine Mom too. It should be interesting.

Has anyone done this before? Marley is always excited to do anything that includes taking a ride and seeing other dogs. Will his excitement be because of that or will he recognize the surroundings? Will he recognize the dog that gave birth to him or will it just be another dog? My guess is not but I don’t really know? Anybody have a clue?
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I believe that it has more to do with their recent memories...if they have grown up around their pack, parents, siblings, they will be very open and happy ... but, and this is very important, what Gene says is so true!

We have brought puppies back after a time with new families and it is like bringing a strange dog in. The dogs don't fight, but they don't immediately recognize each other either.

We did meet with some of our adult pups in a dog park and I believe that they did remember after a time...but it took sniffing and playing before they started to bond.

So, don't expect a happy reunion...and even prepare for some can happen.

These are doodles, afterall...and they are friendly and generally tolerant of other doodles...but intact dogs are a bit more set in their pack routine and it takes a little time for the new dog to fit in.

I would suggest introducing him one dog at a time...

We had the mother to our pups visit when the pups were about 5-6 months old (and physically full grown) and the girl pup knew immediately it was her mother...all went great until the pup started sniffing the nipples! LOL Mama let her know right away these were off limits! The boy pup didn't recognize his mother at all...he barked and barked at her. It took him forever to warm up to her...but when he did, he would not leave her side. They played together every minute for the week that his mama was visiting.

So, it will probably be a wonderful time, but do be aware that it could take a little time and understanding...and butt sniffing!
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blueteal said:
It really is a debate as to whether dogs recognise their first families
but I know that when Denver met his half brother last year at the
dog beach, out of all the dogs there and there were 30 or better,
he chose to hang with his half brother over all others.
At the same time he can pick out another Doodle faster than I can and he will choose them over other other dogs on a first meeting .
That's true! My dogs did that too, at the dog park! But, I don't think that they had immediate recognition. Still, I do believe that they DID recognize after a short while.

Mary, that is sooooo cute!
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