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Doodle Puppysitting= no 3rddoodle?

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OMG i have been puppy sitting for my friend's 16 week old goldendoodle Bella, who is peanut the 2nd hahahhahaha. Bella is peanut's sister as they're from the same breeder.

They're a blast and i have been laughing so much tonight :D

all went well for 3.5 hours then Max decided it was time to stake a claim on mom again. And laid by my feet and/or leaned on making sure Bella could not be near me aymore tonight hahhaa NOR have his bones again.

Peanut then took over continue to play and do Doodle 500 runs like no tomorrow. :shock: I was calling it Peanut's new diet: doodle runs with a puppy.

OH if you think you want a 3rd doodle....borrow someone else's hahahhaa
you'll change your mind real quick or in a few hours that is hhhahaha
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Peanut,Bella and Max first meeting

Fuzzy but Bella was trying to steal max's bone while peanut watched

4 Hours of This

and a little of that

HOW Max really feels about 16 weekold puppies AFTER 4hours in his house trying to share HIS bones
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what I didn't post was a picture of me holding Bella and forgetting what
PUPPY razor teeth feel like hhahhahaa.. and Peant's doodle 500 diet run video hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa

I will say this...that little puppy wore me OUT!hahahaa 5potty wallks outside, 1was inside :roll: , tons of " NO Bella" and redirect attention, about 12 " MAX! go easy, be good" and Peanut was like a big sister until 10pm then she too wanted peace and quiet hahhahaa

it was fun......and felt so goooooooooood to hand back a puppy hahhahaa

hats off to you breeders.
and to who asked,Bella and Peanut came from the same dam and sire
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